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Take Off & Bidding

It all starts with the Bid. Contract FM Detailing to help alleviate Hot Project headaches. Sifting through mountains of design data can be tedious and time consuming for a fabricator. Let us help you with your data management and estimating needs.


Let us assist your already functioning estimating department with finding usable data. Estimating will often rely on detailing skills to allocate the exact information needed to properly estimate a project.


-Ability to perform all aspects of shop drawing preparation, for plate and sheet steel fabrication, in accordance to standard shop fabrication practices and Engineered design drawings.

-Rolled Steel Layout (Typical HSS, BEAM, PLATE & SHEET STEEL)

-Metric to Standard Conversions (Metric Design Drawings Converted to Imperial Units to allow for use of locally sourced Imperial Dimensioned Steel.)

-Bill Of Materials (calculation and layout) (advance bill)

-3D MODELING (3D models for formed steel and interference checking; flat pattern/developments of formed steel)

-2D CAD DRAWINGS (non-3d modeled DWGs)








On Site Consulting

Understanding your fabrication techniques and equipment are the first and most important steps to proper design interpretation. As Steel Detailers we act as interpreters for engineers and a fabrication tool for fabricators. Let us help you adapt your documentation to suite your shop flow.


We not only specialize in detailing documentation but also provide operation manuals to suite a fabrication environment. Do you ever find yourself repeating the same instructions over and over? Let us help you document and print technical manuals for your process or assembly.

Hot Project Detailing

Everyone has tight deadlines. Contract detailing can help alleviate the added stress of "yes sir" jobs. Let us be your proverbial gun for hire when you get in a crunch. Add us or subtract us from the team as need be through the Hot Project Detailing Program.